About Dr. Chris, Naturopathic Doctor

While I was doing my undergraduate degree at UBC in the late 1980’s, I experienced a debilitating depression and anxiety. I also had an eating disorder and was not coping with the stress I was under at that time.

Like most people, I had not heard about Naturopathic medicine so I was treated with medications that were not effective. After taking the medication that was initially prescribed to alleviate depression, I swung into a psychotic manic episode and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder type 1.

In 1994, after surviving a suicide attempt (which left me in a coma, on dialysis waiting for a kidney transplant), I finally began the healing process after reading a book called “A Return to Love” by Marianne Williamson. Up until this point I was living with the shame and stigma of having a mental illness and I had not accepted myself.

The sole reason I became a Naturopathic Doctor was because when I was struggling with my illness there weren’t many natural experts in the field.

After attending a Mental Health Regained Public Forum in 1999, I became a patient of Dr. Abram Hoffer’s (a nutritionally oriented psychiatrist) and experienced my first depression and anxiety free year in 13 years.

I also made some major life changes, such as resigning from my corporate job, where I reported to the CEO and travelled frequently and I began the process of inquiry into what I really wanted to be doing with my life.

After sitting with the question “If money didn’t matter, what would I be doing?” the answer revealed itself to me in a tiny whisper “Become a Naturopathic Doctor and help people heal from anxiety, depression , anorexia, bulimia, bipolar disorder (types 1 or 2), addiction, ADD/ADHD, etc using natural therapies and orthomolecular medicine – as you have been helped“.

My books, 10 week course and in-person retreat teach you how you can regain your mental health using a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual approach to health.

Let me guide you on the path to wellness so you can fulfill your potential and be free from the mental prison you may be living in. My goal is to help people be the best they can be – so if you live in Edmonton, Alberta or elsewhere, please reach out for information on how my booksprograms and resources that can help you on your journey.

about Dr. Chris

What to expect from your Naturopathic Doctor By Dr. Chris, ND

I believe that everyone has within him/herself the power to become completely well. There is, in our planet, and within each one of us, a natural healing power. As we begin to come into harmony with its laws, this healing power will bring us steadily towards complete physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

As your naturopathic doctor, it is my responsibility to make sure that you have the information and guidance that you need to move from where you are now towards better health. I take this responsibility seriously and I know that naturopathic medicine can help you.

You don’t have to be sick to feel better. A naturopathic program is insurance for the future. You can begin to feel better now and you can reduce the likelihood of suffering and illness later in life.