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Mental Health Masterclass

Do you struggle with your mental health?
Despite seeing many doctors, do you feel something is missing?
Do you want to feel better?

Author and Naturopathic Doctor Dr. Christina Bjorndal ND has created the Mental Health Workshop as a unique course that will help you gain awareness into the subconscious or core beliefs that may be sabotaging your best efforts to live life optimally. You will explore your own personal work that will help you break through limitations in your professional and personal life. The small group size ensures deeper immersion into your own healing process.

Dr. Chris ND has combined their backgrounds in psychotherapy, naturopathic medicine and energy medicine to create a unique program that will address healing on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – and sets you free from the mental prison you may be living in.

In an intimate group setting, you will be guided through lectures, exercises and experiential learning modules to help you effectively address mental health in the most comprehensive way.

Converse with your heart and foster an internal heart-connection with those around you – which will ultimately lead to an inspiring life that is authentic, deep and loving.