Inspirational Speaking

Naturopathic Doctor Christina Bjorndal is a gifted speaker who draws on her many personal and inspirational stories to motivate, inspire and uplift audiences.

Keynote Speaker & Storyteller

Having overcome many challenges in the sphere of mental health, Dr. Chris, ND is especially exceptional about sharing her motivational speeches about how to overcome barriers in life and to encourage others to achieve their full potential.

You and your audience will have a memorable experience. By understanding your needs, Dr. Chris’s inspirational story will not only be heart-warming, but both entertaining and educating for your audience. The following are some key topics that Dr. Chris is particularly passionate about:

  • How to achieve Mental well-being
  • Overcoming barriers & understanding you are not alone in adversity
  • How to make the most of your life and future
keynote speaker

Integrative & Personalised Medicine- London, UK 

Dr. Christina Bjorndal, ND.
Beyond Labels: Mental Wellness with Naturopathic Medicine

Speaking Testimonials

“Dr. Bjorndal, ND presented at our online “Children’s Mental Health Conference, 2020″. She is an incredible speaker with an immense amount of knowledge. Participants left her presentation feeling empowered, hopeful, and armed with new tools and strategies to help their family live their very best life. We are so grateful that she was part of the conference.”

Tania Johnson

R.Psych, Co-founder of the Institute of Child Psychology

“I attended Dr. Bjorndal’s (ND) “A roadmap to wellbeing” and was blown away by her courage to be vulnerable, her authenticity, her gentleness, and her expertise on mental health Conditions. She was relatable, easy to understand, and inspiring on so many levels. Looking forward to seeing more of her things in the future.”

Dr. Aliya Kabani

Naturopathic Doctor

“Thank you for reaching out and offering to come and engage with our students today. Your shared personal and professional journey in mental health was such a gift and important opportunity for our students to pause, reflect and support them in continuing along their path. It takes NDs, like yourself, who can show vulnerability and courage to support Thrive in our mission to support students in thinking about and practicing skills of mind, body and spirit on the path to living their fullest life.
On behalf of Thrive CCNM, thank you!”

Teresa Neves

Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine Thrive Mental Health Program

Dr. Bjorndal is a passionate and well versed speaker. She connects authentically with the audience when she speaks.  She tells a deeply personal story and effectively teaches her audience about mental health. Dr. Bjorndal was the keynote speaker for our event and she helped to make it a truly successful one!

Dr. Romi Raina ND

Founder of Collaborative Education

Dr. Bjorndal is a talented and inspiring speaker. She tells a deeply personal story, connecting deeply with the audience when she speaks. In addition she is an excellent teacher, teaching complex subjects effectively to a lay audience and to a clinician audience. Dr. Bjorndal would be a great addition to any educational program for either the public or health professionals.

Dr. Terry Wahls

MD, Author, TEDx speaker, and creator of The Wahls Protocol

Listening to Dr. Chris speak was mesmerizing and honest to the core. Dr. Chris speaks with wisdom and compassion as she has lived experience that touches everyone listening. I would think that anyone and everyone present could identify with some aspect of the struggles presented. Dr. Chris has given us tools to use to assist ourselves or others we know facing similar challenges. Thank you so much Dr. Chris!

Valerie Plante

Coordinator of Edmonton Integrative Medicine Series

“Dr. Christina Bjorndal is an exceptional educator. Her passion for sharing her knowledge not only comes from her educational background but from living in the trenches of personal health challenges. This makes her teaching unique to those desiring to learn beyond the typical physiological academic format. Adding the mental and spiritual components to her presentations provides a piece commonly overlooked by others but much needed to be a complete healer.”

Ronald Grisanti D.C.

Founder Functional Medicine University

“You have been an inspiration for so many people through your participation in the Mental Health Regained public workshops in Vancouver in 2012 and 2014, and now in Toronto in 2015. Also, your talk at the August 2013 Brain Solutions was the best of the event. You are making a valuable contribution, for which I am grateful.”

Steven Carter

Former Director - Canadian Society of Orthomolecular Medicine

“I was a fellow speaker at the Brain Solutions Conference this past weekend. I never got the opportunity to congratulate you on your speech. I think it was wonderful and really enjoyed hearing your story.

I currently practice almost every suggestion you presented at the conference. Sleep, a diet of whole foods, exercise, and positive cognitive therapy are all pillars of my wellness.

It was terrific listening to you, I just wish I had the opportunity to have spoken with you after. Perhaps, we will meet in the future. If you ever give a talk in Ottawa, I’d love to show you around.”

“Just wanted to thank you so very much for the presentation that you gave at the Brain Solutions Conference on Sunday. I found it very insightful and as my friend, David, said ‘the stuff that makes for Nobel Prize recipients—brilliance. You have an ability to take a very complex subject and make it simple and elegant’. I wholeheartedly agree. Many thanks again, With warm regards.”

“Thank you for your talk at the Brain Solutions conference today, I enjoyed it. I am a psychiatrist in BC Children’s Hospital’s eating disorder inpatient, day treatment and outpatient units and I appreciated your insight. It is appreciated! Thank you again!”

“The Health Action Network Society (HANS) had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Bjorndal for a guest lecture at our 2nd Annual Mind-alive! Conference in Vancouver.  After hearing Dr. Bjorndal speak about her personal experiences with mental illness, and her clinical work with treatment plans, I have absolute faith in recommending Dr. Bjorndal as one of Canada’s leading experts in this area for treating the whole person.  She is compassionate, caring, and was given a rave review from her peers.  We’re grateful Vancouverites got to participate in this important learning session.”

Lorill Hancock

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Chris Bjorndal since 2001. Her passion and dedication to the art and practice of mind-body healing is inspiring. Dr. Chris applies a unique integrated orthomolecular and lifestyle medicine approach to optimize mental health. In her lectures, she speaks from the heart and courageously shares her personal healing journey to enhance the lives of others. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Chris for lectures and to those seeking personalized care for mental health and healing.”

Dr. Sharon Gurm


I heard Dr. Bjorndal, ND speak in London – she captivated the audience, spoke from the heart and was a truly authentic and engaging speaker ~ J. Newman, attendee

Dr. Bjorndal, ND is an excellent and engaging speaker. Her style is warm, inviting and clinically relevant. She is clear in her explanations and descriptions of sensitive topics. She is an excellent educator who recognizes the wide range of possibilities for approaches to health. ~ Dr. Judith Thomson, Executive Director, Naturopathic Medicine Institute